Private Label Program

private label program

We do Private Label manufacturing for all our current range of products and then some! With our Private Label program you have complete control of the look and feel of the products. Whether you need the products in glass jars, laminated pouches/mono-cartons, trays or bags, our in-house design specialists will completely customize the packaging for you. Besides customizing the packaging, we can also make changes to our standard products as per your specifications. Often we’ve developed an entirely new product range when needed by our clients.

how it works

It’s easy!

1 – We send across product samples (sauces, dips, marinades, cooking pastesready to eat etc) to you for approval.

2 – Once the samples are approved we start with the private labeling process.

3 – If you already have your own brand, we create product specific labels using your brand, put these        on the products and send these across again for approval.

4 – If you do not have a brand yet, our Graphic Design Specialists will            create 2-3 options for labels ensuring full regulatory compliance                (including ingredients, allergens, contact information etc) and send            these across for approval. Once approved, we put the labels on the          actual products and send these across for you to have a feel of what        the product will look like when it hits the shelves.

5 – We manufacture the products, design and print the labels, produce          the final product and ship it directly to you. Your product with your              own custom branding is ready!

With our tried and tested products and great wholesale pricing, your business can make neat profits with TGS Foodz. Contact us today to get the Private Label Program working for you!