No additives, GMO Free, Gluten Free, ISO 22000:2005 Certified, Halal Certified

Our passion for Dips can be explained in part to our background as a catering company. We had been using Dips available in the market for some time but always felt that there was something amiss. It’s then that we started experimenting with creating our own Dips, Marinades and other food items. Over the past few years we have been able to create Dips that are amazing in taste, are hygienically prepared and do not contain any preservatives or artificial flavors. Our existing technology and infrastructure enables us to mass produce Dips, Marinades and other products for our bulk buyers. The products come in standard packing and sizes but this can be completely customized as per the buyer’s requirements.


  • – Chatpata Tomato Dip
  • – Mint & Cilantro Dip
  • – Samosa Pakora Chutney
  • – Spicy Green Chutney
  • – Sweet Chili Garlic Dip
  • – Tangy Tamarind Chutney


  • – Cheese Jalapeno Dip
  • – Chunky Salsa Dip
  • – Hummus (Classic/Cheesy/Smoky/Spicy)
  • – Moroccan Harissa Dip
  • – Taco Dip
  • – Spicy Salsa Dip
  • – Tartare Dip
  • – Wasabi

One of the most common forms of condiment, Dips can be found in all corners of the world and each corner has its own take on it. In India, dips are exactly how you would expect them to be – hot and spicy! The most popular dip in India has to be the Chutney and each part of the country has its own variant of this venerable condiment. TGS has captured the unique taste of Indian Dips and gives the world an authentic taste of India.

Packing Sizes

  • 250 g Glass Jars
  • 350 g Glass Jars
  • 1 Kg pouch
  • 2.25 Kg Bag
  • Other custom sizes